April 13, 2011

Two rings, sold long ago...No name mentioned though!
A gorgeous, quality mag...glad to be included!  

So, I'm in my first magazine! Amazing.  However, there's no mention of my name...anywhere. Figures, huh?!  Ah well...beggars can't be choosers, right?  I was included in an article they wrote up about The Mermaid's Mercantile, a fun show I used to do monthly up in Solana Beach at Out of the Blue, Debi Beard's shop.  It got to be a bit much for me, unfortunately.  My family missed me. The gas killed me.  The shlep sometimes didn't pay off and it was disheartening.  Even in Solana Beach, people are out for the bargains. In my view, my stuff IS a bargain. It's completely handmade, mostly one of a kind made with real materials.  That's right...REAL.  No crap.  I'm super picky, which means the materials get super expensive.  I really don't even charge for my time anymore.  I just can't.  There's this silly formula that artists are supposed to use where you factor in materials plus time (after you've given yourself an hourly rate) plus your mortgage, your utilities, your gas, etc., etc., etc.  It's ridiculous!  If I calculated a piece's cost that way, I'd never sell a thing because they'd all be completely unaffordable to the average Joe (or Josie)!  What's worse, every show I'm in has some "artist" who has the luxury of selling stuff at rock bottom because they "don't need the money" and are there selling "for the love of the art."  Holy CRAP!  That's called undercutting your fellow vendors, Cookie, and it kicks all of our asses. It makes me see RED!  That's blood and gore, folks.  Sigh.

But, I digress...as usual!  I am a tangent girl, aren't I?  The point is, I'm in a magazine and I'm grateful that it's a super cool one and it's out of being part of a wonderful show I was very proud to be in.  Thanks, Debi and the rest of the Mermaid's!  This was a nice boost to get me out of the creative rut I've been wallowing in for a few months...always welcome!

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  1. Congratulations! You rule sister and deserve way more than what you ask for not only your materials but for the heart and soul that goes in every piece you make!